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My Top 10 Makeup Products

My obsession with makeup started around my senior year in high school, prom to be more specific. I started with mascara every now and then and then slowly added products over time. Makeup then versus makeup now has changed so much and I find myself trying to keep up sometimes, but I’m at a point now where I’m no longer afraid to experiment with looks, colors and textures! Even though I have a pretty good supply of products, I have a few go-to products that are a staple in my arsenal. Here are the top ten products that I use all the time, including this pic!

Foundation & Concealer

I’ve combined products one and two into one. Juvia’s Place liquid foundation in Accra and concealer in #12 are my new thing! I was a big fan of Fenty Beauty (still am), but after trying out the Juvia’s Place foundation, I quickly made the switch. Naturally, after trying the foundation, the concealer was a must-try. I don’t believe I got the shades quite right, but I am pretty close. Accra is for dark skin with cool olive undertones. I think Somalia would be a better fit for me with its warm undertones. If you’re just not sure, Juvia’s Place website will give you more information on each shade and a quick Google search for Juvia’s Place shade comparison will give you more insight.


Moving on, but also taking a step back, let’s talk about primer. I usually go for Smashbox’s The Original Photo primer, but I came across a primer that cost less but does the job very well! Makeup Revolutions, Pore Blur primer.


Makeup Revolution has another spot on my list with their Precise Brow Pencil. This pencil allows for precise realistic brows with a small diameter which allows for realistic hair strokes. I use this in conjunction with my Profusions Brow Kit!

Setting Powder

Next, let’s talk about setting powder. I had been using the Air Spun translucent powder for some time until I had a serendipity moment inside Ulta. I went in to purchase the infamous Laura Mercier setting powder; however, they were out, go figure! The cashier recommended Lancôme’s Long Time No Shine powder. I was hesitant, but I bought it any way and I’m glad I did! This setting powder did not disappoint! It keeps my makeup in place all day, and because it’s such a fine powder, it blends very easily. I can only assume Laura Mercier is better because everyone seems to go crazy over, so I still can’t wait to try it out, but not until after I run out of my Lancôme!


I’m not a contour girl, I prefer bronzer. With that being said, have you tried the Morphe Glambronze Face and Body bronzers?!

OMG! They are worth every penny! I have the Supreme and Prodigy pallets. Prodigy is a little for the summer time and Supreme works great for the winter.


Back again with a Juvia’s Place product. I am currently using Juvia’s place Bella Blush. It’s a deeper toned pink and it gets the job done. I haven’t explored with too many blushes, but I’ve heard orange hued blushes looked great on brown-skinned girls. If you know of any, drop a comment below!

Eyeshadow Pallet

I was recently gifted the Makeup by Shayla and Colourpop Proceed with Caution pallet and it quickly grew to become my go-to pallet for so many looks! This pallet comes with nine shades; four shimmers and five mattes.


Marketed as a skinfinish, Patrick Starr’s Baby it’s Gold Outside has got to be one of my favorite highlighters! It was limited edition back in 2018, but it is very much relevant today!

Setting Spray

Last, but not least, it wouldn’t be a list without setting spray! My go-to setting spray is the Urban Decay All Nighter. This spray smooths and sets your face for an airbrush finish.

***Because I can't forget lips....I mix and match all types of nude lip colors and brown pencils to create different nude lips!

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