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Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend!

So, today’s post is a little mushy, but I think it’ll give you a better understanding of me, considering this guy is a major component. First things first, if we’re friends on Facebook, then you probably already know, I got engaged back in October of 2019, yay! My fiancé, Corey and I met through an online dating website.

It still sounds taboo saying that I met my fiancé on a dating site, but that’s our reality and I wouldn’t change a thing about it! For the first year and half we did the whole long-distance relationship, then once we got engaged, I made the move from Houston, Texas to Oklahoma City…..HUGE CHANGE!

Moving from Houston to Oklahoma was definitely something I was not looking forward to but it was also scary, not because of the fear of not knowing anyone and leaving behind life as I knew it for the past five and a half years in Texas. Besides, I had already uprooted myself from North Carolina to Texas five years prior, but that’s a story for another day! What made me nervous about the move to Oklahoma was that it was on Corey’s turf. Everything and everyone he knew was compacted into this little town. I questioned if there would really be room for me in his busy world that was Oklahoma City. Yeah, the long distance worked great, I think mainly because we were forced to make time for each other via FaceTime’s and weekend visits. But now that I was right under his nose, day-in and day-out, how would things change?

Yeah, we’ve had our differences; but overall my life has changed for the better and a huge part of it is because of Corey! Before meeting Corey, I had embarked on a spiritual journey to grow my relationship with Christ.

A year prior to actually meeting Corey, I prayed diligently for God to prepare and send me my husband (which still surprises me because I was never the one to want to get married). But as I continued my journey, marriage was something I looked at differently. I began to learn and understand the how’s and whys of marriage and it being a gift from God and not something to be taken for granted.

When I prayed, for a husband, I prayed diligently for a God-fearing one. Never did I imagine God would be sending me a Youth Pastor, I’m not even that Holy! Nonetheless, Corey was everything I needed. He taught me patience, he taught me how to trust again, but more importantly, he gave me faith and understanding in Jesus Christ!

My journey is far from where I want to be but I seek God’s hand on a daily basis, whether it be through devotions, prayer or meditation. Corey keeps me on track and I’m forever indebted to him for it! Shortly after moving to Oklahoma City, I joined the church and shortly after that I got baptized! Never would I’ve imagined to be a part of something so beautiful, but then I’m reminded that we’re all worthy of God’s grace!

Fun Facts About Corey:

- He has a twin brother and twin boys.

- He is obsessed with taking care of a Peace Lilly plant that he was gifted.

- Silence scares him.

- He is usually the life of the party!

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