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It's National Watermelon Day!

Today is National Watermelon day and contrary to popular belief, not all black people love

watermelon! I’ve never been a big fan (I know, take my black card away now!) but I do enjoy drink recipes with the juice. The subtle flavor is very refreshing and every drink that I've had that included watermelon juice has never let me down!

Summer is hot (duh!) and depending on where you’re located, I’m sure you could use any hydration you can get! Because watermelon is mostly...well, water, it’s the perfect hydrator if you find yourself tired of drinking water. If you’re like me and just can’t seem to get past eating it straight out, then try out a few fun drink ideas further below.….WARNING ALCOHOL IS INVOLVED!

Before we get into the fun drinks, here are a few fun facts about watermelon…

Fun Facts:

- Watermelon is both a fruit and vegetable

- They’re made up of 92% water. They’re called WATERmelons for a reason!

- You can eat the rinds….but why would you want to?

- Seedless does not mean genetically modified. They're actually the result of hybridization.

- For all my Oklahomans, watermelons are officially the state vegetable of Oklahoma.

Watermelon Slushy

This drink was a hit with the kids and great for outdoor activities like barbecues in the summer sun or the family cookouts. For this easy drink, first cut up some watermelon. I used a seedless melon but if you have a seeded melon then simply remove all of the black seeds. Next, I placed the watermelon chunks in a container, covered and placed in the freezer for a few hours until frozen

Once you have your frozen chunks, you’ll then want to throw them into a blender with a teaspoon of sugar and juice from one lime, I used about two cups of watermelon. You'll also need some liquid to add to the mixture so, if you're looking for a turn-up drink, you can add some wine or maybe something a little stronger or, what I did, because I wanted to make this drink kid friendly, was used the extra watermelon to press out the juice and added it in. Then, blend until you get a nice smooth texture or if you prefer your slushy chunkier, blend less. Lastly, pour into your favorite container and top with favorite candies or lime wedge for décor! Just a heads up, the watermelon Sour Patch Kids candy goes perfect!

Watermelon Cocktail

This next one is my favorite! For this drink, you’ll want to use a seedless melon as well. Cut the melon into chunks and blend. Once everything is well blended, you’ll want to run the mixture through a food strainer or cheese cloth to get rid of any pulp and fiber of the fruit. Once drained into your container, squeeze some fresh lime juice on top and mix in your adult beverage! I mixed in Jack Daniels Country Cocktails beer in the flavor Southern Citrus. This flavor adds the perfect citrus taste that compliments the watermelon juice perfectly!

BUT if you’re looking for more of a turn-up by the poolside, I’d suggest Vodka, Tito’s to be more specific (thank me later)! White wine goes great as well!

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