Daily Blog // 4 // Podcast Review

Since early last year, I have been absolutely obsessed with podcasts. Some people might still be skeptical towards them since we have all gotten so used to having a lot of our entertainment served to us on a visual silver platter. I am here to tell you, that the time has now come to get on the hype train and start enjoying the abundance of podcasts out there.

As I listen to about two to three podcasts everyday and I have binged on entire seasons of some amazing shows, I decided to start a podcast section on my daily blog. A review of sorts.

To all those of you who have never listened to a podcast, some of my favourites are This American Life, Reply All, Heavyweight, and Serial.

Keep in mind, that if you can think of a topic, there is probably a podcast addressing it out there. It might very well be that you will not like the first show or episode you listen to, but I promise that if you keep on browsing, you will find something that you will love.

You can listen to them while working out, on the train to work, while taking a walk outside or while doing the dishes. The possibilities are endless. And yes, I have done all these things while listening to a podcast… today.

My favourite routine while commuting to Zurich every week for the first half of this year, was to listen to the newest episode of This American Life on the train. Ira Glass’ voice always managed to take my mind of any anxiety or stress I was experiencing.

To this day, some of my favourite habits are built around consuming podcasts. I hope that I can share some of this joy with you through the upcoming review sections of this daily blog.